Federació ADF del Bages

Federació ADF Bages

What are the ADFs?

The ADFs are non-profit-making Forest Protection Associations comprising forest owners, local town councils and volunteers.

Their aim is to prevent and fight forest fires.

Regulation of forest protection associations began in 1986 as a result of the "Foc Verd" Programme created by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. Nevertheless, these associations date back to older fire fighting and emergency assistance organisations founded in Catalonia in the early 1960s.

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ADF aims and objectives

The ADFs' mission is to fight and prevent forest fires and to this end it must follow the objectives set out below:

  • Collectively prepare and implement surveillance and forest fire prevention programmes.
  • Actively participate in the organisation, control and implementation of forest fire fighting and prevention measures.
  • Carry out dissemination campaigns for forest land owners regarding prevention and forest fire fighting actions.
  • Prepare awareness activities for rural and urban population in their ADF area.
  • Implement plans for forest fire prevention, creation and maintenance of infrastructure, road networks, firebreaks and water points.
  • Support forest fire fighting actions.

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What is the Federació d'ADF del Bages?

The Federació d'ADF del Bages is a non-profit-making association which comprises the various ADF (Forest Protection Associations) in the county.

The Federació was formed on 25 November 1998 with an aim to coordinate all member ADFs in order to improve the tasks carried out by each one within its territory, and to represent all ADFs before government bodies and institutions.

The Federation currently comprises 11 ADFs:

  • Amics del Bosc ADF (3)
  • Defensors del Bosc ADF (5)
  • Artés, Calders and Monistrol de Calders ADF (8)
  • Sant Salvador de Guardiola ADF (12)
  • Castellfollit del Boix ADF (13)
  • Pla de Bages ADF (20)
  • Bages Oriental ADF (25)
  • Quercus ADF (28)
  • Tres Branques ADF (33)
  • Protectors del Bosc ADF (78)
  • Monistrol de Montserrat ADF (260)

Most of the ADFs in the county were the first organisations to officially be designated as such in Catalonia, as shown by the number next to the ADF name.

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Federació d'ADF del Bages: aims and objectives

The Federation's aims and objectives are no different from those of the ADF in their territory; these are:

  • To carry out prevention actions, whilst encouraging ADFs and other relevant organisations to carry out Prevention Plans in municipalities in order to define the necessary action plans for the management of forests, basic road networks, water points, surveillance, and any other actions that serve to prevent fires or minimise their propagation.
  • To coordinate activities and thereby improve collaboration among government bodies with regard to prevention and fighting of forest fires.
  • To organise training sessions for new volunteers who wish to participate in any of the member ADFs in the county, to ensure basic preparation in the work of preventing and fighting forest fires.
  • To support the ADFs with technical and administrative consulting.

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Board Members

The following people sit on the Federació d'ADF del Bages Board:

  • Chairperson: Josep Rius i Prat.
  • Vice-Chairperson: Jaume Rabeya i Caselles.
  • Secretary: Just Serra i Coma.
  • Treasurer: Xavier Joves i Garcia.
  • Bages County Council Representative: David Pérez i Morera.

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