Federació ADF del Bages

Federació ADF Bages

Pla de Bages

Mapa Pla de Bages

The Pla de Bages Forest Protection Association (ADF) was founded in 1986. It comprises the towns of Manresa, Sant Fruitós de Bages and Sant Joan de Vilatorrada.

This ADF encompasses a total area of 7,963 ha, with forests accounting for 27.5% (2,187 ha) of this.

ADF Board Members:

Chairperson: Josep Maria Basora i Sala

Secretary: Xavier Joves Garcia

The ADFs' offices are located at:

Address: Palau Firal, c/ Castelladral 5/7 - Polígon Els Dolors.

Town: 08243 Manresa

E-mail address: adfpladebages@gmail.com

Website: http://pladebagesadf020.blogspot.com/

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